Advice of The Day

Write Your Own Happy Ending

And all the different versions of that. I don’t mean just the things you think you might possibly be able to achieve, I mean your biggest and greatest and most amazing life. What does that look like?

It is important to be happy now, no matter the circumstances, but most of us have ideals, dreams, and things we want for our futures. Think of this story as a series of goals you have for yourself. When we begin living in a way that doesn’t have us working towards our own personal version of our greatest life, we may find it harder to find happiness in the here and now. So this story will ultimately lead to increased happiness because you will learn more about yourself and how to be true to that self. It is important to know what your own version of happiness looks like so you can make sure that the life you are living now will lead you to your ultimate goals. It may even inspire new direction. If your happy ending entails you being a famous composer and you currently don’t know what a music note looks like then you will know that you have some learning to do. So write it! So you will know.

As you write your fairy tale try to be as truthful with yourself as possible. Only include the things you truly want for yourself. Avoid writing about things you think you should want because society, peers, or the media told you that you should want them. Stay true to what is in your heart and be specific. Include details of your dream house, dream job, the perfect relationships in your life, the level of contentment you’ve obtained and the things you’ve accomplished. Be grateful for them all. Include pictures and drawings if you’d like. Write about the instruments you play, the movie you were in, the book you wrote, the building you designed, the race you won, how perfectly manicured your toes are each and everyday…whatever it is you truly see as the happiest life you could possibly have. Write about the amount of money in your bank account and being debt free and having enough money to give to those in need. Write about how healthy you are everyday. It is important when you are writing this to know that anything is possible. Miracles have happened for others so why can’t they happen for you?  Refuse to put yourself in a box, parameters do not exist. You can have anything at all that this world has to offer. Who we are and what we want tends to change throughout life so you have full permission to edit and re-edit your story.

Keep this story somewhere and reread it. It is easier to get what you want in life if you have a clear idea of what that is.  Putting these things on paper will allow you to have a true sense of yourself and goals.  Ask yourself if your current life style, habits, and attitudes are leading you on this amazing destiny you have created for yourself. If not, then you know something needs to change. Once you know that, you can readjust and get back on the path towards your ideal life.

My best to you and your happy ending!



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