Food Over Fashion, Greens Over Gucci

Buy Better For Beauty, Health, and Happiness

The current economy has put many of our budgets under scrutiny. We have to choose where our money will best be spent in the long run. Most of us know that processed, refined, and fast food will not put us on the fast track to feeling healthy and vibrant. However, short on time and money, these are what we end up choosing. We put away and save up for clothes, cars, electronics and things for the home. We work really hard and put in extra time at work with the hopes that one day we will go on vacation. Although, I am pretty sure I have never heard anyone say “I’m saving up so I can buy organic vegetables this week.” I think the things our culture puts emphasis on is changing. Health food stores are going into neighborhoods around the country. Many of the larger super markets are now carrying organic products.  Let me further encourage this revolution for you in your own life and the investment you put into yourself.

When you choose to fill your grocery cart with kale, broccoli, beans and whole grains you are actually investing in your happiness, your beauty, and your health. Eating foods rich in vitamins and minerals with lead to glowing skin and  full, shiny hair. Any excess weight will begin to melt away as an added side effect. Vanity is a huge motivator. We all want to be attractive and foods rich in chlorophyll will leave you looking luminous.   You will have more energy which will allow you to participate in more activities. You may even be more productive at work!

Short term, you may be happier to have the fast food, the sugared pastry, or the boxed, processed dinner. However,  I would bet that shortly after you ingest those things your energy will dip, you will feel bloated, and you’ll become grouchy. Bloated and sexy don’t usually go together. Choosing to consistently make better choices in your food quality will have the consequence of you consistently feeling healthier. It is much easier to find happiness from a state of health than it is from a state of illness. Try jumping for joy when you have a stomach ache, it will be a difficult task I assure you. So, the healthier you are the happier you will be able to feel.

So indulge in produce, stay away from boxes, and if the ingredient list is more than four, put it back on the shelf.  You don’t have the time or money to waste on any of the side effects from chemicals, artery clogging grease and fats, toxins or metals. You’re too busy living your happy, healthy, beautiful life.


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