Fight The Funk

Don’t Feed It

Have you ever woken up on the wrong side of the bed? Nothing has even had a chance to happen yet and you aren’t in a good mood already. You fight the urge to pull the covers up over your head and stomp around getting ready for your day. Sometimes hormones, nagging thoughts, or other circumstances creep in and bring us down. You feel angry, irritable or anxious, and little thoughts begin to sneak in and catch you off guard. Dragging you down into your own self-indulgent depressing depths.

Negative thoughts have the tendency to lead to more negative thoughts so it is important to break this cycle as soon as possible. Most of the negative things we tell ourselves are complete lies anyway. That’s right. I’m calling you a liar. You think you aren’t good enough, you think it isn’t possible. You think work is too hard, there is too much to do, you’ll never get it done, you’ll never meet the right person. I don’t know what bologna you tell yourself but I’m calling you out, right now. You are a liar. You can do and have all the things you truly want. So when the lies start piling in, see them for what they are, lies. Be aware that they are not useful and do something more productive with your brain.

Suggestions on Fighting the Funk

Go for a walk

Play the opposite game. Anything that pops into your head that is negative, turn it upside down and tell yourself that instead. For example “I will never have enough money” will turn into ” I will always have an abundance of money.”

Sing in the Shower

Put on dance music and move your body and sing along for five minutes before diving into the chores, errands, and work of the day.

Scream. Really Loud.  Jump up and down, stomp your feet. Throw a huge tantrum. “It’s not fair!!!” Maybe it isn’t so you got out it. Now you can move on and enjoy all the good things.


Think good thoughts for yourself.

Laugh, Google something funny.

If you can’t bring yourself to think good thoughts for yourself, think good thoughts about someone else.

Call a friend

Read something inspirational

Plan fun so you have something to look forward to.

E-mail me. I’ll write you back and say something nice. I promise.

Turn your frown, upside down!!!

Okay, Good Luck!!!


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