Live In The Hope of Today

Staying Present is a Present

You plan for your future. You reflect on your past. So what do you do in the present? Most of us spend the present thinking about those first two things. We worry about the future. We play should have, could have, would have with the past. When we have conversations with our peers, instead of really listening, we plan our response before they finish their thought. We run ahead trying to get ahead, grabbing the reins of life to makes ourselves believe we have complete control of our futures. We don’t have time for right now.

Can you appreciate the present, your presence, and the gift that it is? Can you wake up everyday thankful for the sun that shines and the rain that nurtures the earth? Every day can bring new thoughts, ideas, opportunities, and new people. Do you know the hope and possibility that every moment can bring? For example, this moment, right now.

We like to think that once certain milestones are achieved, such as success, a certain income, award, or relationship we will truly know happiness. Let me be the first to tell you, you can have all those things but happiness is not guaranteed because of them. Real happiness only comes when we are able to find contentment no matter the circumstance and situations that surround us so it is best just to start right now, today. It is well and good to have goals but there is absolutely no reason why you shouldn’t enjoy the process of achieving them. Everyday is a gift, tomorrow is promised to no one. We have all heard these things preached but it is difficult to take them to heart. Plan your future, learn from the past, but try to be here, now. Notice something beautiful in this moment. Be thankful now. Be happy now. Enjoy yourself, NOW. Hum while you work, enjoy a deep breath, make every task a game and live in the hope of today.

Thank you for using this wonderful moment in a wonderful way by reading my blog today 🙂



One thought on “Live In The Hope of Today

  1. These ideas go well with something I’m trying to enstate this week – – the Ujayi breath OUTSIDE of yoga class. “The sound of the ocean” – – totally brings you back to what it’s all about 🙂

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