The Power of Words

“Sticks and Stones will break your bones but words will never hurt you”

The expression has good intentions, a consoling phrase used to make kids being bullied at school feel better. However, I couldn’t relate to the sentiment then and  it has even less meaning for me today. I have had broken bones and they healed relatively easily without much conscious effort on my part. My body took care of it. I also don’t remember exactly how it felt or how much pain it brought. I cannot say the same about the hurtful things that have been said to me or about me. I remember those words well and if I’m not careful with my thoughts I can still conjure up their sting. I had to do some living and learning before I was able to let many of their accompanying reactions go. Words like “you’re not good enough, you will never make it, you’re stupid, you’re ugly, and I couldn’t bring myself to love you,” have a way of creeping in under the skin and resurfacing when other obstacles arise. Words are powerful and so we must be careful what we say. You never know how they will impact others or for how long. Each word has its own vibrational energy that can bring you and others up or down.

The happier I become the more I realize the following: A cruel word could never be spoken by someone who was truly happy. The happier you are the happier you want to continue to feel and the happier you want others to feel. I also realize now that whatever you put out into the world is what you will get back. You cannot be happy and have negative words for another, not even in your thoughts. Knowing this has given me a different perspective and taken away power from the negative words that have been delivered my way. How miserable and sad someone must be if they aim to bring others harm or feelings of pain or to even use hurtful words.

Masara Emoto conducted experiments studying how words, emotions, music, and prayer seem to affect the crystallizing structure of water. He found that loving words and prayers made the water crystallize in a beautiful way and angry words made the water look…well, ugly.  Relate that to the fact that human beings are anywhere from 50%-80% water. Could beautiful words make us more beautiful? I like the idea of that possibility.

Imagine living in a world where everyone around you used loving, supporting, caring words. If every time you failed someone was there with words of encouragement. If everyday, everywhere you went the phrases and words surrounding you were I love you, You are so beautiful, You are so smart, You are the most amazing person. Imagine what the world would accomplish if we all supported each other.

Use positive words on the outside and the inside. Make sure they are abundant in the majority of your speech and thoughts. You never know how a kind word may impact and change someone’s day, week, or life. And that someone, it may just be you. What a gift to give yourself, to give good words. The more good words you give, the more you will receive back and on and on it goes. Bringing us closer and closer to more wonderful, more happiness, and more love.


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