Beware The Sob Story

We all have a story, the things that have happened to us. We vent, we talk over, and we analyze.  Injustices, unfairness, illness, harsh words, and break ups.  After they happen we often deal with them by sharing them with others. Initially, I think this can be beneficial, we all need to let it out once in a while. Bounce things off of others and figure out how to deal and heal.  However,  I give a word of warning.

Be careful of telling your sob story, especially telling it too many times. Do not let the bad things that have happened to you become who you are. They are not who you are, they do not define you. They are things you have endured,  learned and grown from. They may shape you or influence future decisions, but you are stronger than outside influences. You are not a victim.

We all have moments of self-pity, but let it go, learn a lesson, and move on. Repeating your sob story in the seeking of sympathy or understanding can too quickly turn into an over-indulgence in sadness. It isn’t good for you and it isn’t good for those who are listening.  If you tell yourself and others that bad things always happen to you, you are not leaving room for good things to happen to you. If you keep saying negative things about yourself, you will end up fulfilling that destiny. If you are able to tell your story and feel happier, or inspire others, keep it up.  Focus on the lessons learned and the rewarding growth instead of the wrong doings. Actually, make that your goal. Learn to tell stories to others that inspire them. Inspiring others makes you and those around you feel…well…inspired, happier, and hopeful.


It is a much better way!


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