Political Process, Media Influnce, and What You Eat

The latest health buzz will have you downing acai, blueberries, coffee, and wine. Better yet, have a glass of wine with hints of acai, coffee, and blueberries and you’re all set!  Same thing, right? The New YOU as a SuperFood Power House!

The way I feel about coffee being sold as health food is a whole other post but I will start here. As a country we need to wake up, we need to question what we are told, and we need to start demanding better information, better food, and more honesty. We need to pay attention to how we feel and look around. We are not a healthy nation even if we spend more than any other country in the world on healthcare.

Patients come to me telling me they started taking a new supplement because they saw something on a Talk Show telling them it would do amazing things. They start taking the new supplement without doing any research or questioning what they have been told. Many times the supplement they begin taking will actually be known to aggravate their condition. They mistake the doctor on TV as their own personal health counselor.

The things you read in most magazines or see on television are not necessarily based on the latest research. More likely it is based on someone’s latest campaign. Health in this country is a for profit business, remember this the next time someone is promising you something in the pages of the latest glossy pages, recommending a surgery, or teaching your kids nutrition in school. The food pyramid is a delicate balance between politics and the food industry. Question you doctor and anyone else in authority. Reflect back on yourself and your body and how you feel. You need to learn to be your own guide and figure out what makes you feel at you best. Experimenting along the way is part of the process just be careful who and what is influencing you along the way on your journey.

“But it says ALL NATURAL!” Do me a favor…go look up the requirements for this tag line on your bag of chips. You might be surprised what you find. It turns out that the phrase “all natural” can mean just about anything; it actually has no nutritional meaning whatsoever. Your “all natural foods” can even harbor MSG and high fructose corn-syrup.

Its confusing out there, believe me, I know. Do some research and ask for help. But mostly, Be Aware.


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