Cravings are interesting creatures. Why does our body reach out for certain things? Nutrient deficiency? Stress? Love deficiency?  Sugar addiction? Candida?

Cravings for chocolate can indicate a magnesium deficiency. Spicy cravings may mean you need more zinc. Lusting for meat may mean you lack iron or protein. In Chinese Medicine the tastes are linked to different elements. Salt is linked to the kidney and water element. Stress takes a toll on the kidney and so your salt craving may be the body trying to say slow down! I need a vacation! Sweet is linked to the Spleen and the earth. The earth element is linked to over thinking and worry. As a society we spend a lot of time in our heads going over and over a problem. We are so in our heads that we are disconnected to the earth. When was the last time you took the time to roll down a hill, play in the garden, or walk in the grass? The spleen helps with digestion which we need to be at optimal function so our bodies absorb and assimilate nutrients. So let go of the sugar packet and go get a hug instead. The spleen is a nurturer and a transformer. Transform, nurture, stop worrying and take care to reduce sugar cravings.  Be aware of candida overgrowth which will automatically increase sugar cravings because that is what feeds the fungus, it will tell you it wants more so it can grow and cause further damage. The bitter taste in your ritual morning cup of coffee? In Eastern Medicine we link it the heart. No wonder Starbucks is doing so well.

We try to fill up the things missing in our lives with a lot of things. If we are not getting the love we need, food is something we may use to fill up the void. If you felt your life was whole, that you were loved unconditionally, if loved ones told you how special you were everyday and you loved your career would you still overeat? Maybe once in a while but I imagine your health would improve in all areas of your life. If you felt fulfilled you wouldn’t need to fill. People fill with other things besides food too. Shopping, sex, other people, alcohol and drugs. We damage ourselves to try to fix ourselves. We aren’t fixing ourselves, we are just numbing.

Listen to your body. It is never wrong. If you are craving a taste or a certain food your body is trying to tell you something. The message might not be completely clear at first but it is your job to deconstruct the craving. Figure it out and give your body what it really needs. Most of the time it isn’t the chocolate frosted donut you are reaching for, but once in a while, that is exactly what is!


One thought on “Cravings

  1. Okay, I agree with this… but can you tell me why I crave an oversized bowl of Jello? Please tell me that is linked to my brain and that I will become super smart :).

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