Career Choice

“Let the beauty of what you love be what you do.” -Rumi

Growing up we were told “Go to school, get good grades, go to college, get a job.” Following the steps was a guarantee for the American Dream. However, somewhere along the way we discover that there are no guarantees and the idealized American Dream might not be our dream. I know many people that hate their jobs. They HATE their job. They cringe when they have to get up in the morning five days a week, but it pays the bills, so they stay. So, what is your 401K worth? Your health? Your happiness? Where do you draw the line? In our country we like to think that money equals happiness but no amount of money will bring a smile to your face if you hate where it came from.

Most of us will spend more time at our jobs than we will spend with our loved ones. Eight to ten hours a day, usually five days a week, it is what we do and where we are. We work and work and work. All the time looking forward to the five days off we might be allowed.You spend 360 days being miserable for five days of reward.  So if you hate your career, if you are one of those people that gets up every morning on the verge of tears, I highly encourage you to rethink that choice. What you do day in and day out shapes you. It is very difficult to compartmentalize away such a huge part of your life and not let it bleed into other areas. The frustration and stress will take its toll on those around you, on your health, and strip away your soul. You may even forget who you are, becoming detached because you are just following a routine, the hamster on the wheel.

Fear is a huge motivator, it is why most of us stay. The economy is down, you think you won’t find something else, you have to support yourself and others. Maybe you should be scared of other things too. Consider this: This is your one and only life, you are deciding in every moment what you are going to do with it. Are you scared that one day you might look back filled with regret for not pursuing your passions and dreams? For wasting your time on things that don’t matter to you? Are you scared of missing the magical moments at your kids baseball game because you were held up at a meeting? Are you scared that you will look back and realize you spent all your time working for someone who sees you as a number instead of the multifaceted, talented person that you are? Find work you love or find a way to love your work. You deserve better and so does the world.


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