The Complain Train

Recently, I have noticed a phenomenon taking place around me.   I want myself and others to rise to the top of the happiness scale and the current social scene seems a sharp contrast.

When a group of people get together each person takes their turn to dump their problems on the table for the others to hash apart. They complain about jobs, kids, partners, government, the economy, and life in general. Feelings of anger, bitterness, and depression feed into one another until someone exclaims “Life is so hard, unfair, and horrible!” When you focus on things like that it sure seems like it.  I leave these social situations feeling deflated and depressed. I guess that is the consequence of  spending three hours listening to people tell me how things never work out.

Why do we focus so much on the negative? Complaining is not proactive, productive, or motivating. It brings you down, and it brings down those around you. So why has complaining become such a part of our social scene? Complaining has somehow become the norm.

Why do we find it so much easier and so much more socially acceptable to complain about our problems instead of telling others our dreams?


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