Chemical Conscious

77,000 new chemicals have been introduced since 1940. They are in your lotion, your food, your clothes, your sheets, your cleaning products, and the air you breathe. You are exposed to them in ways you are not even aware of. Chemicals run the gamut of side effects. They include allergic reactions, neurotoxic effects, and many times are linked to cancer. We are exposed to more carcinogens than ever before but if we invest in and take care of ourselves we can limit our exposure and in turn help the environment. Helping the environment will lead to cleaner air and water which will also lead to better health for us. See how what you give out always circles back?

Green companies are growing rapidly today. Choosing food, beauty products, and laundry detergents that are nontoxic is getting easier and easier. Websites like skindeep rate beauty products and give information on the chemicals in everything from your mascara to your body wash. Companies like Seventh Generation offer nontoxic cleaning supplies. Even Target now offers organic sheet sets.

Better yet, learn something new and create your own. You can make your own beauty and cleaning products from ingredients in your kitchen. There is a reason cucumber extract is in so many eye gels, save on the packaging and cost by just cutting a couple slices for your eyes and put the rest in your salad. You will have beautiful skin from the inside out. There are do it yourself recipes for household cleaners which will be nontoxic to your home and your wallet. You will see vinegar and baking soda in a whole new light. You don’t have to change everything all at once, but even one change makes a difference.


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