Fun in the Sun

I was walking the beach thinking about responsibilities, myself, my practice, and my life when their laughter made me look up and wake up.  Watching two girls run in the sand and surf had me slowly letting go of  my concerns and appreciating my surroundings. Something I had somehow forgotten to do even as walked in one of the most beautiful places  on one of the most beautiful days.

They are what wisdom looks like to me. They know how to use a day and they didn’t have to be reminded to do it. They know how to get the best out of a moment. They were fully present. They were enjoying the beautiful sun, the waves, and each other.

As I watched them play on the beach I try to remember what it felt like to be that care free. When the highlight of my day was an ice-pop and my biggest worry was missing the ice cream truck and bed time. I wanted to absorb every inch of my day, every person, every exciting new thing that could possibly present itself. The best things in life were play dates with friends, running around without reason, make-believe, and giggling.

Now the world expects me to be a responsible adult. . .but really it is just me putting those expectations on myself.

Another giggle escapes from their world into mine and makes me smile. The real world, the one untouched by fake demands, wants us all to be happy, to enjoy laughter, make-believe, and the wonderful people in our lives. . .so it can look back and smile.


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