If Our Culture Isn’t Working for You

Then don’t buy into it…

We live in a culture that prioritizes certain things. Money above all followed by work, important titles, looking the part, fancy jobs, fancy cars, big houses, and degrees on a wall. The draw of the superficial can be tempting. So we must reinvent for ourselves to choose something better.

We can create our own culture. We can choose what we want to prioritize. We can choose what is valuable to us and find others that feel the same.

Maybe your culture is painting, friends, music, good wine, laughter, love, and hula-hooping. Maybe your culture is dark chocolate, cupcake decorating, giggling, and laser tag. Don’t be afraid to let what is really important to you be really important to you. It doesn’t matter what anyone else thinks or feels, it matters how you feel. It doesn’t matter what society will think because society has created a culture that doesn’t make people feel good. . .And that is just silly! We all deserve to feel good all the time. We all deserve a culture that lifts us up and whose goal is happiness for ourselves and others.

The current culture thrives on disagreements, fighting, fear, and drama. If you don’t believe me, watch the news or a reality TV show.  You must have the courage to create your own culture. A culture that makes you feel good about yourself and others. A culture that chooses to applaud life’s rewards instead of competing for them. A culture that knows there is enough for everyone. A culture that values love, happiness, and cooperation over stuff.


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