Wearing Your Heart on Your Face

Heart disease tops the list for causes of death in this country. We have associations, surgeons, and specialists focused on the condition. The most prescribed drugs in this country are aimed at preventing  heart attacks. We talk about diet and exercise for prevention but I want to talk about the importance of love.

We have all heard of circumstances in which someone loses a loved one and dies of a broken heart. However, what if the loss isn’t sudden but gradual? What if we go our whole lives not feeling loved because other things become a priority? What happens to the heart then? How connected is the emotional heart to the physical heart? When you feel love, don’t you feel it in the center of your chest? An outward expansion of warmth that fills your body with joy? What happens to our body when that feeling isn’t present?The symbol for love is a heart. We have been drawing them with arrows through them, names across them and initials for centuries. The symbol is not purely coincidental.

A recent study linked this question to heart disease: “Do you feel like your spouse truly loves you?” Those who answered no were more likely to have a heart attack than those who felt loved. In today’s world, many times money is valued over people. Money is valued over love. This goes against the nature of the heart and after a while it will break. When we value money over humans, the heart wants out.  Why would a spirit want to stay in an unhappy, unloving body?

 We are constantly trying to protect our heart, but by doing that, we usually close ourselves off. If you put up a steel wall, how do you expect to receive love? If you never open to another how can you expect to receive anything of value? That wall has to shatter before you can love or be loved again.

All of this was brought up while I was attending a face reading class with Lillian Bridges. Face reading is a subtle art but if you know even a little you realize your face gives away a lot about a person. Your face will actually tell you if you have your heart on the right path. Have a look in the mirror, if your nose is a little pinched at the end you are trying to close yourself off. If it is slightly puffy and purple at the tip you are headed down a dangerous path. Don’t worry if you have either of these. Just starting having as much fun and experiencing as much love as possible. Share your feelings and share yourself.


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