Does that Work?

One of the first questions people ask me when I tell them I am an acupuncturist is “Does that really work?” The question used to baffle me. Why would I ever pursue a career or do something I didn’t believe in or that didn’t work? Of course I believe in acupuncture and of course it works!

Today I have a different perspective on their question. Many people are in fields they think don’t really work. Many people work for companies they don’t believe in. How did we get here? When did so many of us give up our dreams?  The fear of not having enough has paralyzed many as they cling to cash while stomping down their passion.  The world is full of possibility and everyone deserves to be working somewhere or doing something they believe in.  I understand the responsibilities of life but for all our progress the idea that we have to live miserable work days in exchange for a possible release for one and at best two weeks a year is archaic. The paradigm is not something I will believe. No thank you and no way!

So today I turn around the question that so many people have asked me back on you. What do you do? Do you believe in it? Is it working for you?

I try to remember everyday how lucky I am to be doing something that brings me so much joy. I get to help people, what could be cooler than that? I pursued something that I believed in and not only is it working for others… it working for me.


One thought on “Does that Work?

  1. Great blog from a great blogger. It must feel so rewarding helping people and loving it. What I just read is  only reassuring what i have been really thinking about since i had my latest bday.  I was thrown into a career while pursuing my real career choice and  As I get older I’m realizing that life is extremely short, and unhappiness is not worth the money that is earned. 

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