A Perfect Morning

My green juice sprayed my arm and the back of my cousins button-up work shirt as we rode on his Vespa over the Brooklyn Bridge. The helmet I was wearing prevented me from taking a sip of the kale, parsley, cucumber mixture until the ride was over. My cup filled hand hovered just outside  his right shoulder and every time things got a little bumpy we were sprayed. It must have been a comical sight for the passerby. I worried about my flip-flops falling off so I curled my toes tightly and held my legs at a weird angle and they began to ache.

But who cares? I certainly didn’t. Being outside on a beautiful morning, experiencing one of the world’s best cities, with one of my favorite people had me feeling insanely happy. It was just a scooter ride, a way to get from the place I spent the night to the next point of transportation that would take me to my place of work. I started my day off with joy. Any discomfort I felt was inconsequential, it didn’t matter because there are so many things that are simply worth it. As I got off I observed the handy work of the juice, it was rather artistic actually. Neon-green paint splatter now on my dress, arms and the right back half of his shirt. We may turn it into the latest fad. Coming Soon! Veggie Juice Art!



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