Turn Your Mind Around

I got home last night at 2am after airport delays and traffic. As I was setting my alarm a line from EN VOGUE started to play in my head, “Back to life, back to reality…” I added “Back to the same old game…” However, after further research I realize I just made that last line up… and the rest of the song lyrics are not applicable to my current situation. So back to the drawing board in trying to find my life soundtrack.

 Anyway, so I have this musical thought which was about to lead into thoughts about how I wasn’t going to get any sleep and how I tired I was going to be and how I couldn’t wait for the next day to be over because I was just going to be so tired. Just the normal turn of events in this type of situation. I stopped myself. Actually, I like my reality so I don’t have to not look forward to it and I like my job so that will be okay and maybe I will be tired but maybe I won’t be. I was setting my expectation for the next day so low and wanting it to end before it even began. What a disservice I was doing for myself.  Why was I going into dreams with all this negativity? Were all the delays and traffic and the lack of sleep worth it for what I got out of it? Absolutely. Haven’t wonderful things happened to me when I least expected it or on days that haven’t begun on a full eight hours? Of Course.

I woke up today, yes a little tired, but it faded quickly with a glass of water. I got to my office excited to work with people and to help them in any way I possibly could. Excited to put this little thought into cyberspace. I love my job, I love my life, and I know and work with amazing people. I carry these thoughts with me today instead of gripping to self-pity and fatigue.

Advice I Give Myself: Turn your mind around. Everyday is what you make it so why make it a miserable one if you can choose to have a great day instead?


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