Join a CSA

I have had the joy of being a member of a Community Share Agriculture farm this year. It has allowed me to experiment with new foods, inspired me to cook at home, and given me time outside and an excuse to play in the dirt. Every week feels like Christmas morning as we try to guess what the garden has produced. Lettuces, kohlrabi,  kale, swiss chard, herbs, melons, summer squash, peppers, and garlic took turns filling my basket. Nothing really compares to experiencing food this fresh. I would get home and start throwing things in a pot, the juicer, or the salad spinner. I made things I never would have been inspired to do otherwise, from pasta sauce and soup to shredded beet salad. I have been cooking and eating better from this new weekly routine.  Wild flowers now fill a vase in my office and make me smile. I remember debating whether or not the cost would be worth it…Three months later I can assure myself it was and I would recommend joining one to anyone that eats.


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