Fall in Love…

With yourself.

I am sure you have heard this before. People say no one can really love you if you don’t love yourself. I think I might disagree. Maybe it is more if you don’t love yourself first then you can’t feel the love of others when they are pouring it onto you.

Loving yourself feels good because it means you are more likely to take care of and be nice to yourself.  Many people would never say to others the things they tell themselves. Would you ever tell your best friend she wasn’t good enough?  When I have a thought that goes against self-love I think about all the amazing and wonderful people in my life and my ideal way of treating them. My ideals include respect, kindness, warm words, and compassion. I use these to guide my thoughts, words, and actions when dealing with myself and others. Know your value so when others tell you how beautiful, smart, and talented you are and how much they love you it sinks right in without effort. Allow yourself to know that the warm words they share are from a place of truth.


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