Are you there America?

…its me, Andrea…

Studies have shown that the combination of a healthy diet, not smoking, regular physical activity, and controlling one’s weight reduces your risk of developing ANY chronic disease by 80 percent.

80 percent.

Do you know of any pill that can make that claim? There is none and there never will be one. Our health is always our own responsibility. So why are only one and one-half percent of Americans getting enough fruits and vegetables everyday? The statistic means that 98.5% of us are not getting enough.

Advice I Give Myself: Start today, eat one more carrot, replace even one fry with a  string bean, or go big and add a side salad to whatever you are eating. Small steps will lead to huge results.



Save Your Country

According to Barry Sears, 2011 marked the year when baby boomers began qualifying for Medicare. For our government that means a liability of forty trillion unfunded dollars.  The government only has so many resources to seek funding. If you really want to help your country or if you are scared of tax increases, take care of yourself. Heart disease and diabetes cost billions of dollars and both are highly linked to diet. More and more research is proving that chronic disease can be prevented and even reversed if we use food as medicine.

Something as simple as taking a high quality fish oil supplement could really save you and your country. Clinical benefits from this supplement have been shown for heart disease, diabetes, cancer, multiple sclerosis, depression, attention deficit disorder, Alzheimer’s, osteoporosis, fertility, and more. Add to this a diet high in fruits and vegetables and you will be well on your way to contributing to our country. Want to help even more? Find time to exercise and explore stress reducing techniques. Go to your nearest yoga or meditation studio. Go for a walk. Save gas money as you need fewer trips to the doctor and pharmacy every month. Use the money you saved to go on vacation to Niagara Falls or Hawaii. Your stress will be further reduced and you will help the tourism industry. The US of A, your body, and everyone that cares about you will be sure to thank you.

Advice I Give Myself: Remember that when you take care of yourself you are not just benefiting yourself, you could be changing a country’s economic status. Taking care of yourself is maybe the least selfish thing you could ever do.

Encourage Courage

“You can never cross the ocean unless you have the courage to lose sight of the shore.” -Christopher Columbus

Courage is defined as the quality of mind or spirit that enables a person to face difficulty, danger, or pain. These difficulties are things many of us face on a daily basis. We need courage everyday. Whatever you are facing in your life today may your quality of mind continue to harbor more courage, love, and hope than fear.  Condense all your courage until it is so concentrated you have the strength to face any obstacle holding you back.  Appreciate all the wonderful things life has offered you up until this very moment. Many times I get my courage from the thankfulness I have for just having made it this far.


I was standing on the edge of the bolder watching everyone jump into the rolling river.

“Jump.” I tell myself. “Just do it now, the longer you wait the harder it will be.”

 I just stand frozen looking down into deep water seeing nothing beyond its surface but darkness. What am I waiting for?

“Jump!” I think again. I’m frozen to my spot, hidden in the trees where no one can see me and my fear.

“You will hit a rock and die.” The fear creeps in with force now. I look up and out. I watch another frozen on their own rock. I picture myself shattered on the rocks below. I watch a kid jump from the highest position.

This is how I feel as I embark on something that means I have to jump, a risk.  After years of  standing on that rock, I am here at this day.   I was waiting for perfect circumstances but they did not come. The thing with excuses is that they are always easy to find if you want a reason not to do something. You will always find one.  It is easy to stay paralyzed forever.

We can stand on our rocks, hidden from the world but we could miss some incredible experiences. Sometimes in life we have to take risks. Risks come in all shapes and sizes but as I look back over my own life I know this one thing: I do not regret the risks I have taken. Even if they did not turn out the way I imagined they taught me something about myself and lead to better decisions in the future. I remember this as I take a leap into the air, hoping that I have jumped far enough to fall safely. I free fall down, not knowing whether when I hit the water will be warm and welcoming or freezing cold. Not knowing if my body will slap hard against reality or feel embraced by a new experience.

It doesn’t matter.

I take the plunge and

JUMP into my desires.

Your turn.