Considering Coffee

I love the smell of coffee in the morning. It reminds me of home, my grandparents, and cozy things. The aroma is rich, warm, and luxurious. Coffee, like many other culinary treats,  has become an art.  Something only a connoisseur could fully understand. Each cup having its own notes, qualities, and undertones. We have our choice of brands, regions, and flavors. Iced, hot, or frozen, it is available.

I see coffee consumers everyday, everywhere. America is the number one consumer of the product in the world. As a nation, we consume around 400 million cups a day. It can help you focus, get you through your 3pm slump, and may improve concentration, performance, and mood.


…there are some things that you might want to consider before you sip your next cup.

Caffeine is a drug, not a nutrient. It borrows from our adrenals and can begin to deplete them. It raises blood pressure which could lead to cardiovascular problems, it can cause blood sugar swings, digestive issues, emotional disturbances, male and female health problems, nutritional deficiencies and may speed the aging process because it plays with hormones. Coffee is big business so this isn’t the sort of thing you are going to find in your latest beauty magazine. Research exists for the pros and the cons.

I love coffee, but I can’t drink it because it turns me into an anxious mess. However, sometimes there is nothing better than a decaf cappuccino with dessert. Its a once in a while indulgence. Coffee, like everything, effects everyone differently. Research is showing that espresso may be a better option because it is released more slowly into our systems. If you need your cup everyday try to drink it after a meal and not first thing in the morning to be gentler to your system. We have so many choices when it comes to nutrition. The best we can do is be aware of the information that is out there and do our best.
If coffee gives you insane amounts of pleasure, give up something else. However, if it is purely a habit, maybe find yourself a new vice.

Believe in a balanced life. Start with balanced choices.


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