Gratitude Preparation

Merriam-Webster defines Thanksgiving as “the act of giving thanks, a prayer expressing gratitude, and a public acknowledgement or celebration of divine goodness.”

Are you running around preparing for Thursday? Have you locked yourself in your kitchen preparing pies in your flour dusted apron? Making your 20th trip the grocery store? Cleaning the house preparing for guests? Putting in extra hours at work so you can take the day off?
It seems like a lot of preparation for one meal.  I have never hosted the day. I admit I have an inexperienced perspective. However, despite the rumors of too much work and complaints about relatives, it is one of my favorites.
 I think we deserve to find these moments, when we come together with friends and family, enjoyable. How many times a year does this really happen?
Despite all the chaos, we still do it, every year. It must be for a reason. All the chaos must be worth whatever it is we get out of the day. If it isn’t, something needs to change.
What can we do so we have more appreciation for the things that matter and less stress about the things that don’t?
If Thursday came and you gathered with your loved ones and were served peanut butter and jelly sandwiches I am sure there might be the initial disappointment about the lack of turkey and mashed potatoes but you would still be surrounded by people you love. You could still laugh, talk, joke, and hug these wonderful people. You would still have plenty to be thankful for, with or without the stuffing.
I am lucky. I love my family. I love the people I spend Thanksgiving with every year and people usually take the knife, peeler, or spoon away from me if I help too much in the kitchen. However, if the day comes around and you don’t feel lucky and loved. ..Now is the time for new traditions. If you dread the cooking, have it catered or go out to a restaurant. If you don’t like the company you keep, drop the guilt and other excuses, and find some new people.
What better way to celebrate the day than to enjoy it so much that as you collapse at the end of day you are nothing short of thankful.

One thought on “Gratitude Preparation

  1. Andrea, this is beautiful and so true! Thanks for the reminder! Looking forward in seeing you tomorrow! Love and Light, Diane

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