Realize How Far You’ve Come

2012: Year in Review

I drove home from Nasheville, Tennessee last year on January first full of hope. I knew it was going to be the best year ever. 2012 is the year started this blog, became a Health Coach, began printing postcards in the hope of inspiring others, drove across country, got my first article published, treated and helped as many people as would let me, visited Mexico, California, Vermont, Washington D.C., Boston, Florida, Chicago, New Orleans, Vancouver,  Las Vegas, and music festivals in Connecticut and Pennsylvania.  I experienced a year full of friends, family, music, writing, education, mentors, weddings, learning, growth, exploration, creation and fun.

In this world we can never get enough. We always want more. Cathy, an amazing grace in my life who I constantly bother to read my writing, once said to me, “People forget to look in the rear-view mirror.” We get so focused on our futures that  we forget to look back see how far we have come. It is not about living in the past but an acknowledgement of  goals met, obstacles overcome, and ourselves. Learn hope for the future by watching how far you’ve come. Gain confidence in the knowledge that somehow, you made it through another year. We dwell on mishaps, our struggles, and the things not going our way. We are haunted by unmet wants.

Today, as you reflect on 2012 and do your best to welcome in a new and fresh year, relish in all you have done, all the people you have encountered and the fact that you are alive to watch it all happen.

2013, Your greatest year yet?

I’d put money on it.

Happy New Year’s Eve!

Best thing you did in 2012? Please share!



Christmas is LOVE in Action


“Christmas, my child, is love in action. Every time we love, every time we give, it’s Christmas.”  – Dale Evans Rogers

I love the holidays. The warmth of being with people you care about, the coziness, the songs, the time off. A reason to indulge ourselves and others in whims of fancy, twinkling lights, old movies, treats, gifts, hugs, and love. It is a reason to a give and a reminder of how good it feels to do so.

Wherever, however, and with whomever you share your days with this year I hope it is your best holiday yet. I hope that things just keep getting for you.  I hope you have hope enough to believe they always will. Merry Christmas!

Gift Giving!

What are you doing to get ready for the holidays this year? Running around looking for the perfect gift? Navigating the aisles, the internet, and your house for ideas, products, and parcels?

Whatever you’re doing, as always, I hope you are enjoying it. Many of us spend too much time worrying and not enough time being joyful. When we shop for gifts we worry about money or finding the perfect present.

What if we looked at it from a different angle? We worry about gifts because we want to make others happy. We want to see a genuine smile spread across a specific face when they open our package. We worry because we are caring individuals, we want to please them because we care so much. How lucky are they to have someone that loves them so much? How lucky are we to have people in our lives that we care so much about?

This year, as I think about the people in my life, as I think about giving, I realize how lucky I am to have so many people in my life I want to give things. We can give more than we think, regardless of income.  Let someone know how grateful you are to have them in your life. Send out a prayer for someone going through a struggle. Give something away that you already own. Make your own gifts and cards from things you find around your house. Bake someone your favorite food.

Enjoy the process this year! Remember, You love and You are loved. What could be a better gift than that?

Homemade Gift Ideas?

Check Out this Great Site!



So You Had A Bad Day…

The day had started out well. I had even meditated in the morning.  But as the day crept on my mood began to decline. I came home frustrated and disappointed. Things were not going exactly as I imagined.  I thought about all the people who head to happy-hour straight from work because they are unhappy with one situation or another in their life. Usually I am floating around being the positive-thinking- action-hero, cape and everything. What was wrong with me?

Camera 360
I wallowed in self-pity and anger for a moment but instead of reaching for a mind numbing substance, I picked up the phone.
A good friend helped turn my attitude and perspective when he told me “we are getting closer all the time.” Every experience is teaching us something.
Anytime we come across unwanted situations  it makes us clearer on the things we really want for ourselves and in our lives. When we are in an undesirable circumstance instead of letting it get us down we need to let it motivate us even further in the direction of the life we want.

Acceptance of an undesirable now is not as powerful as a vision for a desirable future.

My bad day ended with increased resolve for the things I want and a clearer picture of the steps I need to take to ensure my life is mine. Procrastination is common, so I think my bad day was just a shove for more productive action. A motivating factor to go out, do more of what I love, and pursue my dreams.