So You Had A Bad Day…

The day had started out well. I had even meditated in the morning.  But as the day crept on my mood began to decline. I came home frustrated and disappointed. Things were not going exactly as I imagined.  I thought about all the people who head to happy-hour straight from work because they are unhappy with one situation or another in their life. Usually I am floating around being the positive-thinking- action-hero, cape and everything. What was wrong with me?

Camera 360
I wallowed in self-pity and anger for a moment but instead of reaching for a mind numbing substance, I picked up the phone.
A good friend helped turn my attitude and perspective when he told me “we are getting closer all the time.” Every experience is teaching us something.
Anytime we come across unwanted situations  it makes us clearer on the things we really want for ourselves and in our lives. When we are in an undesirable circumstance instead of letting it get us down we need to let it motivate us even further in the direction of the life we want.

Acceptance of an undesirable now is not as powerful as a vision for a desirable future.

My bad day ended with increased resolve for the things I want and a clearer picture of the steps I need to take to ensure my life is mine. Procrastination is common, so I think my bad day was just a shove for more productive action. A motivating factor to go out, do more of what I love, and pursue my dreams.


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