When Things Take Time, Enjoy It!

“Even when you are doing your best, sometimes things take time to unfold. All the stress, worry, and pressure in the world won’t make time pass even one second faster. All they will do is rob you of peace in your life in the present. Do your best. Enjoy your life. Yes, it can and should be, that simple.” Doe Zantanmata

We are a society of instant gratification. We want what we want and we want it now. We will run a mile and then hop on the scale and expect to see the number drop. We take one pill and want to feel instant relief. We don’t enjoy the process, we just want the result. Except, when we finally get the result our satisfaction is only seconds, because we are already on to the next thing we want for our lives.

Believe me, patience is not a virtue of mine. I love instant gratification and immediate pay-offs. I love when things come easily and when things fall magically into place.  However, sometimes that is not the case and I have to constantly remind myself to be grateful for where I am and what I have right now. When I do that, patience grows and so does the joy in my life.

Even if a decision turns out to be a mistake, even if the risk doesn’t pan out, even if you fail, even if you get sick, or gain weight, or choose the wrong one…it really doesn’t matter right now because you have no way of knowing that all your worries will come true so…STOP WORRYING ABOUT IT.

“Worrying is like paying a debt that may never come due.”

So stop wasting your mind, happiness, and life. Do what you can, when you can, and enjoy every second.


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