Treat Yourself!

I was recently introduced to the television series, Parks and Recreation. In the show two of the characters celebrate their own annual holiday they call “Treat Yo Self.” The characters treat themselves to extravagant purchases, spa experiences, and other indulgences. A full day dedicated to giving in to desires and whims.

Maybe we find such amusement in it because so many of us have trouble treating ourselves. We feel guilty if we buy something we want and we hesitate to invest in ourselves, especially when others rely on us. To take a day to acknowledge ourselves and treat ourselves like we are special is, as this wonderful episode exposes, hilarious.

I am not suggesting pulling out your credit cards and going to the same extremes as characters in a TV series but I think there is something to take away from their idea. Too many of us forget to treat ourselves like we matter. We would go above and beyond for others but to do so for ourselves we view as selfish. When we feel our best, others benefit from our being at our best. So go get that special hair cut, manicure, new tie, macaroon, life coach, or whatever else you’ve been holding back from yourself. Big or small, realize you deserve your hopes, desires, and dreams for yourself. Remember to…



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