Reclaim Your Passion

I had meaning to take a painting class for years…


I had thought about it, almost signed up, and then forgot about my intention over and over again. The usual worries would always stop me: money, time, fear of not being good enough, and other self-sabotaging excuses… and then last week a close friend signed me up for one without me even telling her about my unspoken desire. We went and we painted for almost four hours and it was amazing. Amazing! I am not the next Picasso, I prove this by sharing my painting with you :), but it lit something in me. I swear to you some lines have even disappeared from my face and as I look at myself I realize I look and feel more relaxed after this class even a week later. A part of me that has been sleeping for years was suddenly awakened, and it wants more. More creating, more art, more dance, more forms of self-expression, and more of that kind of joy.

So why did I hold myself back? Why did I deny myself something so simple that I knew I would love? Was I waiting for the perfect class, partner, teacher, paintbrush, canvas? Any reason I can fathom seems a very poor excuse. I do not know why so many of us procrastinate our joy. Every time you deny yourself a passion it is a betrayal of the self.

So what is it you need to reclaim today? What did you love doing as a child that you no longer allow yourself the time to do? For you it could be fishing, cooking, gardening, drawing, puppet making, movie making, song composition, writing, swimming… I have no idea. However, I do know that the joy you will find in this reclaiming will ooze out of you and onto others. You will be happier and everyone will notice and say…let me get some more of that person! We are inspired by people who pursue their desires. When you inspire yourself you will automatically inspire others.

This is about being true to yourself.

What will you reclaim?

I say…Reclaim them all…


One thought on “Reclaim Your Passion

  1. So true, Andrea! Listen and do your passion and you will experience your bliss that will carry on into your actual life! Well said!

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