Laugh Without a Punch-Line

Playing with Addison, my three-year old niece, I am reminded again at how easy it can be to have fun, laugh, and be in the moment. She ran to me from the slide, giggling hysterically. Everything was fascinating: the swings, the bouncy zebra, the merry-go-round… She ran around, eyes wide with awe, even though it wasn’t her first time to the park. Every single thing on the playground caused hysterical laughter and happiness, even without a punch-line. She didn’t criticize the playground for not being big enough or look for its faults. She loved it without expectations. Later, when she found out I could make new play-dough for her from flour she had the equivalent reaction to that of an adult winning the Mega-Millions Lottery. She is still my best teacher.

Numbers vary, but studies have approximated that children laugh about 400 times day compared to adults’ 5-12 times a day. What happens to us? Do we just become jaded?

 Is it life beating us up? Or is it ourselves? When we begin to have thoughts of not being enough, our accomplishments and the little pleasures in life are never enough either.

Just for today, try to see everything with younger eyes. Find excitement and humor in all that you can. I walked down the sidewalk and little pink petals floated all around me, it was like the spring was snowing flowers. Notice all the wonderful things going on around you, love it, and laugh…hysterically. Like a three-year old, look for only the good, the awe-inspiring, and the magic that surrounds us everyday.


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