Are You Holding Yourself Back?

Sitting across from JoAnne in a cute little find in Brooklyn we begin to analyze our lives over cocktails. We pick apart the things that threaten to hold us back. A favorite pastime of  the over-analytical.

I bring up the idea of being rational.

Rational, realistic, practical…

JoAnne hypothesizes that when we begin to try to think rationally we are making decisions based in fear. She goes on to say that when we think that way we are not living in the present but projecting into the future or making decisions based on the past. It is fear that has us telling ourselves that this or that isn’t meant for us, or is too hard to accomplish or get. I further analyze her hypothesis and its significance for me as I get scootered away.

When I begin to tell myself to be “rational,” I am actually predicting failure for myself. I am assuming the things I would like to happen won’t, so I will have to do this other “rational, practical, inevitable…” thing instead

It is important to be aware of the thinking that holds us back. The next time you make a decision that feels safe, make sure it also feels good. Fear can be paralyzing. We need to choose thoughts and actions that point us in the direction we want to go…make sure that when you think you are being practical that it isn’t taking you away from where you would like to see yourself going or worse, just leaving you frozen in place.


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