What Do You See When You Look Into the Mirror?


Most of us look into a mirror everyday.  It is one of the first things we do in the morning as we brush our teeth and get ready for the day. Recently I experienced a new awareness of my morning routine. I don’t think of myself as having low self-esteem or self-image problems, but here was a wake-up call. When I look into the mirror… I pick myself apart. I look for every blemish that may be there or may be starting. I analyze every wrinkle, every pound gained or lost. It is judgement in its harshest form.  I look into my own eyes and I am horrible. If anyone else ever said the things I said to myself I would think them mean, cruel, and harsh.  It seems a horrible way to start out actually….

What’s worse? I know I am not alone. Anytime I am in a public bathroom, myself and others are just there, staring.  Sometimes we even talk to each other about our latest self-criticism. I can picture all our thoughts, circling… we see ourselves as fat, haggard, ratty, wrinkled, blemished, tired looking. All of it some form of dysmorphia. I rarely see what they think the problem is with their face or body when they confess to me. How do you pick yourself apart? How cruel are you to yourself?

So I have an experiment for myself, inspired by Louise Hay and her suggested mirror work, and I hope you’ll join me. For one week I am not allowing myself to lean into the mirror and pick myself apart. I am going to find something I like about it instead and keep my distance from my pores.

Can you look into the mirror and give yourself a compliment? Not once in a while when you are having a good hair day, thin day, or whatever else…but everyday? Can you look at yourself and see how beautiful others see your eyes, your smile, your cheekbones, dimples?


Thanks to the lovely Lauren Adams for posing for this post!


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