What Can A Cough Teach You About You?

Apples, cinnamon spices, pumpkins, temperate weather, and fall colors. Who doesn’t love this time of year?  Have you noticed any changes within yourself recently?


Fall, similar to spring, brings change with it. It is a time to harvest your efforts of the summer and clear away finished projects and to open yourself up to inner wisdom. Take time for contemplation, writing, reading and increased nurturing. As the nights become longer than the days it is a time to go within. It is a time to reflect on our old patterns and habits and to leave the ones not serving us behind.

When we are imbalanced, during the fall and into the winter we may begin to cough and catch colds. We may have too much mucus, our bodies and minds may be sluggish in this imbalance. Among other things, this can come from eating too much dairy, alcohol, sugar, and/or processed foods over the summer.  Coughing is a way of opening up the lungs and expelling the unwanted. On a symbolic level coughing may represent a resistance to expel anything not wanted including communication, emotions, or an unwelcome change.  It is especially important to take deep breaths this season. Reflect on your state of mind and any symptoms you are experiencing. Your body has much to teach you.

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