Holiday Shopping for Health Nuts!

 Whether you are one or not, you at least know one…

The Health Nut
The Health Nut

The health nut craze is growing and ranges from the newly health conscious to the fully committed tree hugging raw vegan. Hanukkah is next week and with just a little over a month until Christmas many of us have already started thinking about gifts for this holiday season. It can be a little daunting to figure out what to buy our newly healthy friends and family. If you are a health nut yourself you might be hoping to give healthier gifts this year. We want to get our friends and family gifts inline with our or their new healthy aspirations!

When shopping for the health nut…

Avoid synthetic fibers, anything with the word artificial in the ingredients section, non-stick cookware, scented candles, and most bath and body products. These things harbor toxic chemicals and are health nut kryptonite.

Gift Ideas: organic herbal tea, organic spice sampler, solar-powered products, a yoga mat, BPA free water bottles, beeswax candles, plants, a tree, reusable bags, bamboo cutting boards, a yearly pass to their nearby national park, membership for their local CSA (farm share), or organic food basket. Gift certificates to a health food store, organic or farm to table restaurant, for a yoga or spin class, green house cleaning, a night at a green hotel, for an acupuncture treatment, massage, or other healing therapy, or an active experience.

Brand’s for health nuts:  Synergy’s organic clothing, Eminence Organics skin care, Green and Black’s Organic Chocolate (even a health nut loves the occasional treat), The Green Polka Dot Box for organic foods and household items, and Bee Organic for beautiful nontoxic candles.

And here is a final thought…too often, our holiday celebrations are filled with such tremendous effort, chaos, and stress that they cease to be happy. As you shop and prepare this year keep it simple. Keep your focus on the love you have for the friends and family you will spend your time with at this time of year and the memories in love you are bound to create.   


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