How Can You Feel the Magic of the Season?

I love anything that feels like magic. . .fireworks, lights, a really good movie, theme parks, candles, s’more making, sunsets, gardens blooming, huge waterfalls, sunrises, most kids, puppies, books that take you away, and of course, the magic of the holidays!

horsesKids at this time of year try to be on their best behavior to ensure the proper number of toys. They aren’t scared to tell you exactly what they want with an enthusiasm and passion too many of us can no longer grasp. They will giggle with wide eyes of delight at the light displays and clap, sing, and dance to the tunes on the radio. They have no inhibitions about wearing red, green, reindeer ears and nose, or a santa hat. They will spring out of bed early on the day filled with anticipation of presents. They feel the magic of the season, do you?

ThorTrue, we have more cares, worries, and responsibilities than our younger peers but just because most of us no longer believe in Santa doesn’t mean we can’t aim to fully enjoy this time of year. Focus on how happy you will make others with your delicious cookies instead of complaining about the crowded trip to the grocery store. Find the joy in coming together with loved ones. Choose to spend your holidays with those who make you feel good and do activities you want to do.Let go of some of your obligations. Put yourself on your gift shopping list. Do something that requires glitter. Sit by a real fire with a hot drink and a new book. Sing at the top of your lungs while sipping eggnog. Have fun, help out, play santa, initiate a tradition, go sledding, have a snowball fight, ice skate, try a new holiday cocktail, gather with friends, go for a walk through the snow-covered trees (or any trees of you don’t have snow), breathe deeply, relish every moment, and take time to reflect.

Discover what feels like magic to you and get more of it into your life today.



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