Do Your Resolutions Empower You?

“With each new era of personal growth, I laugh at what once passed for insight. Present selves mock past selves, and future selves lie in wait. . .”What was I thinking?!” I chuckle and head off on some new ridiculous tangent. Alas, I’ve spent most of my life trying to change who I am, such that who I am has in many ways has become a person who tries to change himself.” Shozan Jack Haubner

New Year resolutions are all about the changing of the self. Many of us have goals around money, weight, and new healthy habits. We all want to improve ourselves or some area of our life.  The striving for change can be a sticky thing because sometimes our wanting to change implies that we are not okay as we are right now. We may reflect a little too long on what we feel our own lacking is in a certain area. It can take us out of appreciation for who we are, what we have right now, and discredit all we have done.

The things we want for ourselves now are not necessarily the things our future selves will want and we are growing and learning and forming new opinions and having new revelations all the time. So when and if  you make your resolutions this year, be sure they are ones that empower you, not ones that make your current self feel like something is missing. Do things out of joy, love, and for happiness. Let go of needing to prove anything to anyone, including yourself.


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