Four Things to Do Every Fall

Every change of season we see the shifts all around us in nature. The leaves are popping with color before they fly away.  The fall is the beginning of going within as the days get shorter and colder. It is a time to harvest the work done so far, to reorganize, communicate what we want, and set boundaries that serve us.

Fall is a time of organizing your life for the winter season ahead and looking more inside your body and mind to reflect on your life.  What do you really need? Where should you be putting your energy? It is a good time to take a week or two and do a fall cleanse, nourishing the lung and large intestine with the right foods and deeper breathing.  Acupuncture and other alternative therapies can help with any seasonal transition. I see many people suffer colds this time of year as the body adjusts to the changes around them.

As someone who loves the summer, I have a difficult time saying goodbye to the long days of sunlight, warm temperatures, and the potential for a day at the beach. Fall is a time for letting go. 

Things to do for fall:

1. Focus on deep breathing to nourish your lungs

2. Organize, Organize, Organize: prioritize projects in an excel sheet, clean out closets, get your finances in order, throw stuff out, and accomplish the tasks that have been sitting on your to do list. 

3. Cook yourself nourishing meals with all the fresh produce being harvested right now. Make extra and freeze to enjoy this winter. 

4. Get outside and play in a forest, near a waterfall, pumpkin patch, or apple orchard!



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