You’ve Still Got 1/4 Left!

“The only way you’re going to achieve your dreams is if you MOVE towards them in the present”

2018 has three more solid months. My thinking…we can accomplish SO MUCH in 95 days.

There is still time to…

  • learn a new skill
  • schedule the appointment with the dentist, doctor, optometrist, acupuncturist, or massage therapist
  • apply for your dream job
  • take the class
  • send the application
  • ask for the raise
  • Get On…or OFF…Tinder/Bumble/Snapchat/Instagram/FB
  • hire a personal trainer, nutritionist, business or life coach
  • begin or finish writing your book and/or blog
  • read several books
  • improve a relationship
  • record episodes of your new podcast
  • book a vacation
  • get organized
  • get on-top of your finances
  • put systems in place that will make your life run more efficiently
  • implement new habits (go to bed before 11, exercise, meditate, etc.)

At the beginning of the year we all have ideas about what we want the next 365 days to look like, what we want to accomplish and experience in the expansive year ahead, how we want to feel…many of us have grand ideas but then the day to day gets in the way and we forget all about them…and then we blink, and it is almost October, OCTOBER, for Pete’s sake! We aren’t sure where the time went, and we aren’t sure what we have or haven’t accomplished.

My Rituals for Living Planner  encourages an evaluation of the way you are spending your time and energy in relationship to your goals every three months and Tim Ferris suggests doing fear setting at least every quarter. Stephen Guise suggests every month. They encourage it because the most productive, successful, and happy people stay mindful and invest their time in some self-review to get the most out of their lives. Writing things down, taking account of what is working for me and what isn’t in both my personal and professional life helps me to redirect my energies and refocus. I make a plan, I choose where I want to focus my time, I think about what I will feel best about accomplishing. It doesn’t take long, maybe 20-40 minutes depending on how detailed I want to be, but it does allow me  to get the most out of my precious time here on this planet. 

It doesn’t matter how you do it, but don’t keep drifting, take a look at your life TODAY.

…then you can watch as the curve on the graph measuring your satisfaction and happiness takes an ever-increasing uphill slant.



“No matter how you define success, momentary happiness should have some role in it…. happiness has also been thought of as having a larger, almost spiritual quality that goes beyond both momentary feelings and reflective thought.

Philosophers have talked about this third kind of happiness in terms of the fulfillment that comes from exerting the right kind of effort on the right kind of task (for you) or experiencing a sense of deep connection to loved ones, nature, or the divine.” G.Richard Shell


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