Make 2019 The Best Year of Your Life

Do not confuse dreams with wishes. There is a difference. Dreams are where you visualize yourself being successful at what it’s important for you to accomplish…Wishes are hoping good things will happen to you. But there is no fire in your gut that causes you to put everything forth to overcome all the obstacles.” -Dolly Parton

One of my dreams came true when I got to visit Dry Tortugas!

My 2018 was pretty incredible. I visited amazing places like The French Riviera, Aruba, and Cartagena; I got a new car that I love, I can see the world clearly now because I got Lasik, I saw Hamilton on Broadway, I’m in the best shape of my life, my business continues to grow, I published my first book, and more! It’s not to say that things didn’t come up that completely jarred me, but I was so clear at the beginning of the year about what I wanted to accomplish that even the detours didn’t lead me too far off my path.

2018 was so AMAZING, but I am claiming 2019 as the best year of my life. My goals for 2019 scare the crap out of me, they are bigger than I have ever let myself dream before, but now is the time to claim BIG DREAMS.

If your goals don’t scare you a little bit, you aren’t thinking big enough. DON’T PLAY SMALL. Get clear about what you want. Get excited about how good it is going to be. Beat back all the thoughts and excuses your mind is going provide as to why you can’t have your dream life. Just like we have to exercise our bodies so that they will perform optimally for us, we have to exercise our minds in a way that will allow us to thrive. We have to constantly remind ourselves that we are capable and worthy of achieving our dreams. It is the only way we will be willing to take the next, risky, bold move. We have to believe in ourselves in order to be the people we want to be, to be the person that will go after their dreams.

Mel Robbins is offering a free 30 day course, Mindset Reset, and I can’t recommend it enough. It all begins with our minds, in our ability to let go of the limiting beliefs that hold us back. It is where I am starting my year and I hope you can join me on this new start for the best year of our lives.




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