How to Pack Like A Stylish Holistic Health Professional

Many of you know how much I love to travel and part of that process is packing. I daydream about it, predicting what will best serve me on my trip, and what I can leave behind. Thinking about what to bring leads me to visualizing all the fun I will be having and what I hope to experience. It makes me appreciate all I have, as I consider my favorite shirt, my sparkly earrings, and my luxurious toiletries. As a follower of Marie Kondo, I only buy things that “spark joy,” and so everything I own is awesome (at least to me…)!
Packing has become more of a challenge these days with “economy” flights now so common. We used to talk about having a hard time fitting everything into our carry-on luggage. Now, unless you feel like paying an extra fee on an economy flight, you are limited to a “personal item,” like a purse or a backpack. Sometimes I say forget it, and fork over the cash for the reasonable sized bag option, but more often than not, I rub my hands together, get a determined look on my face, and think “challenge accepted.”

Weekend in Austin
What I packed for a weekend in Austin, TX
  • Clothing & Accessories: I wear my bulkiest items on the plane, my outfit usually consists of jeans, shirt, cardigan and/or jacket and a scarf. I pick clothes that roll up small and I think it terms of outfits. The bottoms I choose go with all of my top options. I almost always include at least one dress, because then no matching is required. Also, a tiny packing cube will hold my underthings and keeps them organized. A small Pixie Mood bag will hold cash, insurance card, chapstick, and jewelry. In my jacket pocket I will have a small card holder that only has a credit card and my ID to use in the airport. Cell phone also goes in the jacket pocket (which zips).
  • Shoes: In the bottom of my bag go my Rothy’s (Use this link and get $20 off), they are flat, comfy, and take up very little space. I will also add a pair of flip-flops if I am going somewhere with a beach or pool. I wear booties or sneakers on the plane depending on the trip.
  • Toiletries & Makeup: Toothbrush by quip, Thieves travel size toothpaste, for all my facial needs I use Eminence Organics, their starter kits contain perfectly sized products for travel and I bring a face wash & moisturizer (choose one with spf). Credo beauty has the most amazing toxic-free makeup and sample size hair products. I pack tinted lip conditioner by Ilia, lip whip by Kari Gran, and an eyebrow pencil. Ever since getting lasik, I also pack eye drops.
  • The front pocket of my bag will hold: lavender wipes, which can be used to refresh or as hand sanitizer, a pen, cell phone charger, eye mask, earbuds, Mophie (portable charger), small tissue packet, and snacks (usually almonds or cashews).
  • Supplements I don’t leave home without: Probiotic, Magnesium, Detox Greens, Peppermint or Ginger tea, & Immucore (feel free to contact me and I will send you my exact travel supplement protocol). I put these into a travel pill container and only bring what I need. I also bring 1/4 dram bottles of lavender, Vir Away, & peppermint essential oils for their many uses. Other additions usually include a B complex, and Pure Ratios CBD mints for fresh breath and calming benefits. I start taking Immucore a few days before the flight to boost my immune system and ensure I am healthy on my trip.

    Supplements: B Complex, Magnesium, Daily Liver Formula, & Probiotics
  • If there is room: My facial gua sha tool, rescue cream, a tablet, & noice canceling head phones.
  • The night before: Make sure everything is charged and download books, podcasts, music, and/or shows for airplane entertainment.
  • Day of Flight: If I have a morning flight I make a smoothie and drink it right before I have to go through security. I make sure I drink plenty of water and cover myself with lotion because flights are so dehydrating and take all my supplements.

    All packed and ready to go

Personal Item Sized Bags to consider: Lo and Sons O.G., Herschell Retreat Backpack, The Samsonite Underseater

I’d love to hear from you! What are your travel essentials?



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