Have You Done Any of These Acts of Kindness Lately?

It is one of the most beautiful compensations of this life that no man can sincerely try to help another without helping himself.”  Ralp Waldo Emerson

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Kindness makes everyone thrive. It feels good when someone is kind to you and good when you are kind to someone else. Kindness lets everyone win.

Here are a few of my favorite acts of kindness:

  • Send real mail: thank you notes, birthday cards, miss you note, feel better note. Everyone loves getting things in the mail that aren’t flyers or bills!
  • Leave someone’s small business/book/service an amazing review. It could be your hairdresser, doctor, favorite book, or the place you love to shop. These reviews make such a HUGE difference for small businesses and help those who read them find great things as well.
  • Surprise someone with flowers delivered to their job
  • …or snacks…
  • Pay the tole of the person behind you
  • Chocolate in a gal pal’s period drawer. This is genius. If she isn’t into chocolate, find out what she craves during that time and slide that in her drawer instead. Any lady would be grateful for a pick me up at that time of the month.
  • Towel in the dryer while someone showers, so they can get out and be wrapped with warmth
  • Notes in a car, suitcase, or on the mirror. Sentiments of humor, appreciation, or love all work!
  • Make a wish for someone
  • Leave a voicemail telling a friend or relative how incredible you think they are
  • Send someone a surprise gift: a book, a gadget that has made your life easier, or a little trinket you think would make them smile
  • Open the car door
  • Positive Aspects: give someone a list of things you love about them
  • Read to someone (Book Buddies)
  • Connect people: introduce potential business, love, or friend partners to one another
  • Bring someone their favorite drink, whether its coffee, tea, kombucha, green juice, or cocktail
  • Smile at someone who needs it: look into their eyes and really see them when you do it
  • Pick someone up from the airport. This is one of my favorites. Do you know how amazing it is to get off a plane and have someone you love waiting for you?
  • Have dinner ordered in for a friend or partner that is working late

“Kindness is igniting a light in someone else for no other reason than to watch them enjoy the glow” -RAKtivist

I have received so much kindness in my life and I am so grateful. I am always trying to think of new ways to be kind, or to brighten someone’s day. I would love to hear about your acts of kindness, given or received!




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