How Do We Let Go of Old Patterns?

Nature gives us direction about how to best serve our health, mind and body. At this time of year we watch the leaves turn brilliant colors and drop to the earth. They don’t stubbornly hold on for fear that they might need them next year. They let them go knowing that come spring they will have everything they need to produce new beautiful leaves.

Leaves turn and let go in The Hudson Valley

The energy of autumn, more than any other season, supports our letting go of waste, clutter, and the patterns that no longer serve us. In Chinese Medicine this season is associated with the Lung and Large Intestine for this reason. The Lungs allow us to take in pure breath, that which is new, and the Large Intestine helps us eliminate what is unnecessary and toxic. If we are out of balance at this time of year we may feel depressed or anxious, experience colds or other decreases in immunity, bowel disturbances, skin problems, waking between 3am and 6am, a vague feeling that something isn’t right, and even a lack of self worth. How do we let go and get back in-line with the season if we are out of sorts?

Use These Practices to Let Go of Patterns that Don’t Serve You, including Negativity, to Bring Yourself Back Into Balance This Autumn:

  • Practice Breathing Exercises. You can find many on YouTube or Audible.
  • Use Aromatherapy- find scents that relax and calm your body.
  • Take walks outside, look around you and learn from the nature around you.
  • Spend Time With Animals, nourishes the “po spirit.” Animals reflect a part of our own wild nature.
  • Stretch, Dance, Move.
  • Practice Awareness and Reflection. Journal and Meditate around your priorities and values. When you realize what really matters to you, you can spend less time and effort on what doesn’t.
  • Receive An Acupuncture Treatment to Balance The Metal Element
  • Use herbs like Comfrey, Burdock, Coltsfoot, and Licorice during this season. Comfrey is high in protein and vitamins and aids cells in growth. Burdock is a wonderful blood cleanser. Coltsfoot is a lung tonic and licorice can help the intestines. Always do your research and consult with your doctor before taking herbs.
When we are in balance during this time of year we feel a sense of relief as we let go of old patterns and move on. We remain healthy even when those around us are catching colds or other illnesses. We feel a sense of enlivenment as we breathe in the cooler air. We feel stable and solid, we are not pushed over by the whirlwind that may surround us. When we are in line with nature, in touch with our authentic selves, we are able to get the most out of our lives. It is from this place, with a healthy mind and body, that we can easily manifest our desires.

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