15 Ways to Elevate Your Emotional State

Sometimes life kicks us in the teeth, punches us in the stomach, and stomps on our feet. Sometimes we are in a horrific mood for no reason at all (that we are aware of, at least). Whatever the cause, when we are feeling cranky, sad, or hopeless, it can be tempting to stay there and just wallow. However, if you are looking to shift out of a shitty state, I’ve got some great ideas for you!

  1. Become conscious of how you are currently feeling and how you actually want to feel. Acknowledge where you are and where you want to go. Maybe you are depressed and want to feel happy. Maybe you are anxious and want to feel peaceful and calm. Maybe you feel stuck and want to feel creative. Awareness is always important. When we desire to shift our state, it is important we move through and don’t repress what we are feeling. Fully feel and understand your current emotional state. Where is it in your body? Feel it fully and see if it moves or changes as you allow yourself to feel without judgement. It is also important that we become clear about the emotional state we want to create, this clarity gives our mind and body “GPS” information, so we can actually get somewhere new instead of spinning in circles.
  2. Change your environment. Go outside. Clean up your space. Toss clutter and that gift from your ex that treated you like garbage. Buy yourself a plant or throw out the dead ones. Spruce up your place with beautiful sunflowers. Light a candle at your desk. Put grapefruit essential oil in your diffuser. Anything that will make where you are feel more spacious, flowing, and happy.
  3. Upgrade Yourself. Take a shower. Brush your teeth. Get a haircut. Only drink water from a wine glass with a slice of lemon because you deserve that level of luxury. Put on clothes you know you look great in, you will feel better.
  4. Change your posture. Consider how you would carry yourself if you were feeling the way you want to feel. Would your shoulders be back and your chest open? Or would you be curled up in a ball in the fetal position? Which is going to feel better right now? Take a superman pose, put a smile on your face, and see if you experience a shift.
  5. Move. Go for a walk. Do jumping jacks. Skip. Shake it out. Do sun salutations. Punch a pillow until it explodes. Take a bat to the ground. When you move, you shift, get energized, and release tension.
  6. Use Music. We all know music can affect our mood. Put on something that gives the feels you are seeking! In Dreams by Jai-Jagdesh to connect with peace. Honeybody by Kishi Bashi to invoke joy. Music is personal, so pick your own, create playlists based on moods. Triple the benefits by dancing and singing while you listen to your favorites.
  7. Journal. Getting it all out of your head and onto paper can be very therapeutic, especially if you are experiencing repetitive thoughts or stuck emotions. Coach Cassie Mackenzie has a great podcast episode on different ways to journal.
  8. Practice gratitude/Acknowledge the wins. Some things may be going wrong, but I guarantee there are things that are going right. Make a list in your head, on paper, or in the notes section of your phone of all that you have in your life. Electricity and heat in your house? Win! Eyes that can see? Win! You were able to buy yourself a cup of coffee? Win! And so on…
  9. Get Holistic Support. Supplements, herbs, essential oils and/or acupuncture can all benefit your mood. The herbal blend Calm, by Evergreen, eases anxiety and is the #1 selling supplement at my office. I love 5-HTP because it can increase serotonin levels. Acupuncture is relaxing and helps to re-balance the nervous system. You have so many options, explore them.
  10. Breathe/Meditate/Use the Healing Codes.
  11. Read. Read a couple pages of something inspirational. like Jen Sincero’s You Are A Badass Everyday or tap into your inner child and some warm fuzzies with my book, Herman Heals His Heart.
  12. Watch anything that will make you smile or laugh.
  13. Reach out and connect (to people that make you feel good). Talk to a friend that you know will support you and make you feel better. Or schedule an appointment with your coach.
  14. Listen. I love how much inspiration and information is available to us now. Listening to an awesome podcast can shift your state, make you feel empowered, and give you a perspective shift.
  15. Do things you like doing. Okay, so this might seem obvious, but sometimes when you are in a bad mood, nothing sounds good. Do the things you know you usually enjoy. Little things like going to play on the swings, drinking a cup of tea, or eating your favorite meal. I don’t know what floats your boat specifically, but whatever it is, do it. If you can’t do it in this moment, plan a time in the near future where you will.

Whatever you are currently feeling, make space for it.

I have the utmost compassion for you. Please also show that to yourself.

I hope you don’t stay too long in any place that doesn’t feel good to you.

After all, who deserves to feel amazing more than you?


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