Healthy Gifts for 2020

I love giving gifts! It is so fun to find something unique and to see the smile on the receivers face! This year, it is even more important than ever to support small businesses whenever you can because they have been hugely impacted by the circumstances around the pandemic, most reporting a 40% loss in revenue, and many others having to close their doors all together. I love helping my fellow entrepreneurs thrive with my purchases and finding gifts that contribute to the health and happiness of my friends and family.

Here are some of my favorite gifts this year:

Pique Tea: My friend Ashlee had me try this tea and I was hooked after the first cup! This tea company uses premium, organic teas and herbs from family-run farms and triple screens for purity so it is free of pesticides, toxic mold, and heavy metals. I love the convenient packaging that means I can slip them into my purse and use them in hot or cold water whenever and wherever. They offer many different types of tea, all with health benefits, and I have loved every single one I have tried.

Journals and Planners: Journaling can help us get clear on our vision, create plans, and achieve our goals. If you or a loved one want to have a productive 2021, it can begin with using a well laid out journal. The Rituals for Living Dream Book and Planner is one of my favorites. It “will teach you how to create structure that aligns your daily actions with the vision you have for your life so that it happens now, not in some far off future.” Soulshine Astrology also offers a planner for 2021 with reflection questions and rituals based on the phases of the moon. My most productive, rewarding, and joy filled years have always begun with a beautiful journal. Getting clear on where we are and where we want to go brings an awareness that leads to clarity, action, and manifestation.

Unique Gifts: Support local artisans and find unique gifts on Etsy! They have everything you could ever think of and many things you probably haven’t.

Customized Pet Gifts: Know a pet lover? Shop Lucky Pet Gift Co., founded by my incredible cousin, Kristen Henkels. This shop offers personalized dog & cat gifts for the pet-obsessed!

Food Gifts: In my opinion, food is always a great gift. We all need to eat and most of us really enjoy it. So grab a gift certificate or two from your (or their) favorite local restaurant and it will be sure to please. If you know someone that would rather do their own cooking, Sun Basket offers healthy choices for any diet plan and I have enjoyed every meal I have every made using the recipes and ingredients that got delivered right to my door. And for the chocolate lover? Oliver Kita has delicious, fair trade, organic treats, including vegan options!

Local Spa and Health Gift Certificates: 2020 has made us even more aware of the importance of self-care and maintaining optimal health. Massage, acupuncture, salt caves, salt baths, essential oils, herbs, and more all can contribute to a healthier immune system. Personal trainers and yoga teachers are also offering Zoom sessions so we can all get fit from the safety of our homes. I really can’t think of a better gift for our loved ones than something that helps them stay healthy and feel good. My company, Centered Health Healing Arts, has gift certificates available as well as essential oils, supplements, herbs, gua sha tools, and derma rollers to fulfill all of your holistic healthcare needs.

Natural Beauty: There is something so luxurious about having incredible skincare products and I am going to guess that many we are shopping for feel the same way. These products are part of our daily rituals and one of the ways we care for the largest organ of our body, our skin. Eminence Organic Skincare and Credo Beauty are my staples for organic, natural skincare and beauty.

Happy shopping! Happing Giving! Happy Receiving!

May your holiday season be filled with vibrancy, health, warmth, love, and joy!


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