It’s Never Too Late

“You are the author of your own life, and it’s never too late to replace the stories you tell yourself and the world. It’s never too late to begin a new chapter, add a surprise twist, or change genres entirely.” -Tim Ferris

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Just a gentle reminder, that it is never too late to live a life that makes you feel incredible. It is all a choice. I hope you choose to go after what you want. Look up from routines and habits once in a while. Reflect. Feel free to make any necessary edits.


Financially Happy

Being financially solvent and spending in line with our own values leads to increased happiness. We live in a culture that spends and spends, many times impulsively, and in a way that actually leaves us feeling less abundant, not more. It leaves less money in our bank accounts, more stuff in the garage, more things to organize, and less time to do things we love.

Our culture pushes us to buy, to have the shiny and the new, and we can all fall for the illusion. I find that I always feel happiest when I am spending in line with my own values, on things that I actually care about. Spending this way creates a new awareness around our priorities and our time.

For example, if we eat out all the time, we realize it never really feels that special to go out with a friend or partner. Eating at home is usually much healthier, costs less, and grows skill and creativity. Then, when we do go out, it feels different, and we extract much more joy from the experience.

I listen to podcasts or videos that feature Mr. Money Mustache or Ramit Sethi when I need inspiration and want to re-commit to investing and saving:

Mr. Money Mustache retired before the age of 30, not because he was making millions of dollars or won the lotto, but because he decided to save, invest, and spend his money in a way that added to his happiness. He believes that as a society we avoid “hard work,” even when many of the things that may seem harder, like biking to work, not only save us money, but make us feel happier and healthier, (and additionally help the environment.) He wanted to be a “super dad,” and not tied to his work, so he saved and invested for early retirement. He believes that the purpose of money is freedom, not to buy stuff.

Ramit Sethi promotes spending on those things that you truly value and skimping on those things that really aren’t important to you. His book, I Will Teach You To Be Rich, is a great place to start in anyone’s saving journey. He believes anyone can feel abundant, even while saving.

Try to get clear on what your values are, what truly adds to your happiness. Make a list and then think about actions that will support your happiness. I value time with friends and family, travel, experiences, learning, health, learning, creativity, and growth. If I spend and save according to these values, I never feel wasteful, I feel abundant and full. Re-think the way you save, get excited about putting money aside for a house, a trip, or early retirement! It’s not about deprivation, its about joy. The things you spend money on and save towards should spark joy in you!

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Not spending money on things I don’t value allows me to save for vacation to places that look like this, which always make me feel grateful and abundant!


Why You’re Too Busy To Be Happy

“On the one hand, we all want to be happy. On the other hand, we all know the things that make us happy. But we don’t do those things. Why? Simple. We are too busy. Too busy doing what? Too busy trying to be happy.”

—Matthew Kelly, Bestselling Author

What makes you happy? Usually, if we are truly honest with ourselves, it isn’t the big things, the things we strive for and stress over, its the other things. Things we are often too busy to even notice or make time for, let alone make a priority…things like time with friends, fresh flowers, time outside, a hug, a kiss, creating, a moment, a meaningful conversation, playing on the swings, dancing, laughing…laughing.


and for me…a little travel…

Can you make some room for happy in your life today?

Candles on a Cake

Meet Herman! He is my fun cartoon friend who has adventures with his heart.

Meet Herman! He is my fun cartoon friend who has adventures with his heart. Today he was thinking that if every candle on his birthday cake was a wish, he would want to share them with you. He is giving you your candle, close your eyes, inhale, and make it a good one.  

Giving Up Who I am Today

Advice I Give Myself

“We must be willing to give up who we are today for who we can become.”

 Do the things we have in this moment, the beliefs we have today, and the relationships we are currently in, make us who we are? What about our responsibilities, our jobs and our finances? Do they make us who we are? What if we’re not happy with some of these aspects of our lives? If we’re not happy with it, it can’t be who we are, in fact then wouldn’t it be the opposite of who we are? Isn’t who we are most evident when we are happy?  How do we get from where we are to where we want to be? How do we get to the place that is truly reflective of who we are?

I highly encourage finding the best in every situation, in every aspect of your life, even if it isn’t your idea…

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Get Ready For A Great Adventure

“So get ready for a great adventure, the one you were really born for. If we never get to our little bit of heaven, our life does not make much sense, and we have created our own “hell.” So get ready for some new freedom, some dangerous permission, some hope from nowhere, some unexpected happiness, some stumbling stones, some radical grace, and some new and pressing responsibility for yourself and for our suffering world.”
-Richard Rohr, Falling Upward


We found a little piece of our own heaven in Iceland in this hot river…

Listen to more of Richard Rohr’s wisdom on the You Made It Weird Podcast.

“You can’t get there, you can only be there.” -Richard Rohr

Thoughts for Your Resolutions

These quotes made me re-think the way we pursue some common resolutions.

  1. Get Happy. “Happiness is just an expression of your true nature. You do not need to look for it or fight for it, it is simply found in the deep acceptance of yourself. Everything that makes you happy can be a gateway to the light, to the opening of your divine essence. It gives wings to your creativity and shows you your abilities and talents. This will increase your faith in yourself and in life. If you follow the path of joy, it will naturally take you to the unfolding of your highest potential.” Lon Milo Duquette

happy jump.jpeg

2. Make a Difference. “For some, it is hard to believe how decluttering your home or finally having a long-awaited conversation of honesty with someone you know has anything to do with resolving the global issues at hand. And yet, when understanding life from an energetic perspective, we recognize the most direct way to shift a collective reality is by raising the vibration of choices made on a personal level. As 2016 honors a year of inspired action, it opens up a brand new portal of infinite possibility. With the opening of this new portal, your most powerful choices that invite peace, harmony, health, balance, and well-being into your life can finally manifest tangible results in your outside world.” Matt Khan

3. Take Care of Yourself. “When your opinion of yourself goes up then you’ll stop trying to get so much validation and attention from other people. You become less needy and find an inner stability even when your world might be negative or uncertain at times.
The increasing self-esteem and self-love also makes you feel more deserving of good things in life and so you’ll self-sabotage less and go after what you deep down want with more motivation and focus than ever before.”


Love No Matter What

“I love myself no matter what, I love myself no matter what, I love myself no matter what.” It is a mantra I repeat over and over and over again in my head, especially when I don’t believe it. When I don’t want to love myself because I have done something wrong, or stupid, or worse. As I was making my self-love mist, amongst the lavender, rose petals, and vanilla, I began to think about it more, about what self-love really means, looks like, and feels like. Because I really need it now, we all really need it always. And then, because it is the technological age, I asked google for some help and it lead me to the quote I share with you today.Self-Love 2

As I began to love myself I found that anguish and emotional suffering are only warning signs that I was living against my own truth. Today, I know, this is “AUTHENTICITY”.

As I began to love myself I understood how much it can offend somebody if I try to force my desires on this person, even though I knew the time was not right and the person was not ready for it, and even though this person was me. Today I call it “RESPECT”.

As I began to love myself I stopped craving for a different life, and I could see that everything that surrounded me was inviting me to grow. Today I call it “MATURITY”.

As I began to love myself I understood that at any circumstance, I am in the right place at the right time, and everything happens at the exactly right moment. So I could be calm. Today I call it “SELF-CONFIDENCE”.

As I began to love myself I quit stealing my own time, and I stopped designing huge projects for the future. Today, I only do what brings me joy and happiness, things I love to do and that make my heart cheer, and I do them in my own way and in my own rhythm. Today I call it “SIMPLICITY”.

As I began to love myself I freed myself of anything that is no good for my health – food, people, things, situations, and everything that drew me down and away from myself. At first I called this attitude a healthy egoism. Today I know it is “LOVE OF ONESELF”.

As I began to love myself I quit trying to always be right, and ever since I was wrong less of the time. Today I discovered that is “MODESTY”.

As I began to love myself I refused to go on living in the past and worrying about the future. Now, I only live for the moment, where everything is happening. Today I live each day, day by day, and I call it “FULFILLMENT”.

As I began to love myself I recognized that my mind can disturb me and it can make me sick. But as I connected it to my heart, my mind became a valuable ally. Today I call this connection “WISDOM OF THE HEART”.

We no longer need to fear arguments, confrontations or any kind of problems with ourselves or others. Even stars collide, and out of their crashing new worlds are born. Today I know “THAT IS LIFE”!” -Charles Chaplin

Thank you google, thank you Mr.Chaplin.