A Cheat Sheet to Living Without Regret

“I try to live my life where I end up at a point where I have no regrets. So I try to choose the road that I have the most passion on because then you can never really blame yourself for making the wrong choices. You can always say you’re following your passion.”-Darren Aronofsky

Exploring my world...and myself...

Exploring my world…and myself…

I recently stumbled upon this list by Tina Williamson…

A cheat sheet to living without regrets 

Take care of your health

Make time to do the things you love, work less, laugh and play

Say what you need to say

Practice mindfulness

Change your perspective

Let go of the past

Accept the things you can not change

Stop thinking happiness is a future event

Stop chasing money and material wealth

Live authentically

Take off the mask

Follow your instincts

Practice gratitude

Don’t make your decisions based on fear

Love, love love!

I would add explore yourself and your world, let go of judgement, ask for help when you need it (because in my experience you will get to where you want to go so much quicker if you have the right support), and never stop learning. Other than that I think this list is pretty on point. I would love to hear what others think should be on the cheat sheet. If you have an addition please comment!


Grow Your Life: Ways to Grow Your Relationships, Business, and You

“If a relationship is not growing, if a business is not growing, if you’re not growing, it doesn’t matter how much money you have in the bank, how many friends you have, how many people you love- you’re not going to experience real fulfillment. And the reason we grow, I believe, is so we have something of value to give.” Tony Robbins

Grow Your Relationships: Do something new together, share a secret, forgive, learn from the other person, focus on how you can give, let go of expectations, do something loving every chance you get, say thank you

Grow Your Business: Offer something new, have a certain percentage of profits go to charity, get better at what you do, accept that you can’t do everything, hire help, learn more about your business, write an article, try something new, start an online store, start a blog, take yourself seriously, get organized, commit to growth, set intentions, practice consistency, make and take action steps, be open to new opportunities, grow yourself.20150104_125116

Grow Yourself: Meditate, do yoga, exercise, practice awareness, learn things, do a detox, hire a coach, journal, reflect, laugh, take a class, do the things you’ve been meaning to do, value your health, value others, take risks, be honest with yourself and others, face fears, go after your dreams, read books, be open-minded, spend time in nature

The Worry Trap

When you worry, usually it is about the things you have no control over. You have no idea how this or that will really work out and you agonize over an outcome or the state of things.

“Worrying is like paying a debt that may never come due.” Will Rogers

Worrying is a waste. It doesn’t serve you or the problem that may or may not come. Instead of worrying about the things you have no control over what if you worked towards other goals you have that you have the ability to take action on, RIGHT NOW? Most of us want to be fit and healthy, financially stable, have a nice home environment, be in supportive relationships, have some creative expression, and be joyful. Where in your life could you put more effort and take your mind off the things you don’t currently have control over. Sometimes we can worry so much that we just shut down in all areas of life. Do not let worry become a trap.

Continually reach out for positive action steps and better choices. Go for a walk, have a salad, do a shoot of wheat grass, take an art class, reorganize a room in your home, go out with a friend, try a new recipe, hire a health, career, or life coach, apply for your dream job, or simply laugh your butt off at a comedy show.  Choose to be proactive in your life.

Have you ever noticed how when one area in your life begins to improve it will leak into other areas? This is the kind of momentum we want to create.

Do not let worry paralyze you. Focus on the things you can take action on in the different areas of your life to get you closer to the things you want.