Hello! I’m Andrea Henkels.

I’m a Licensed Acupuncturist, Certified Health Coach, Writer – and a Lover of Avocados, Kale, Love, Hugs and Ice cream.

I’m a Founder of this Blog and Centered Health Healing Arts.

Everyone has different goals in life.

Everyday I want to be at peace and find contentment, to be happy and healthy. I want to continually grow and learn. I want to inspire others to make empowered choices that lead them towards their own happiness and health.

Life is continually teaching me things and I hope to continue to absorb all of its best parts and leave the rest behind.

Whatever you want for yourself, whatever your goals, I want that for you too.

The advice I list is varied because we are dynamic human beings and focusing on one part  of the whole has not worked for me. I share these things now in hopes that maybe it will help you in some or any area of your life.

Life is a process, an ongoing lesson. I have had to learn many of them more than once, I am still learning.

When I listen to my own advice, live on purpose, and from an open place, things work well. If you try some of these things maybe they will work for you too.

If you need further support I am happy to help.

P.S. Please know that none of this advice is approved by the FDA or any other governmental organization. I never listen to most things those guys have to say so seeking their approval seems hypocritical.


4 thoughts on “About

  1. Dear Andrea,

    As you know I’ve been in Vail for the past couple of weeks and our three weeks will be coming to an end on Friday. This morning as I was on FB I came upon your newest blog entry and began to read your past ones too. I have got to say that they all made my day and you are an inspiring teacher to me, which I really had always known since our first meeting! I am looking forward to reading more of your wisdom. I just wanted to take a moment -as I look out my window today to be greeted by the beautiful and magnificent Rocky Mountains and the world renowedn Beaver Creek Ski Resort -that I have found my own beautiful and magnificent teacher in you too! And just as my eyes take in the different ski runs down that great mountain, I am so very grateful today in that I had taken the path that lead me to you on this great map we call life.
    Love and Light,

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